3 Minutes of Fame Topic List 2018

Name: Cassidy Hall

Institution: University of Idaho Doceo Center

Topic: Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom


Sharing a Doceo Center research project that placed 90 Amazon Echo Dots in K-12 classrooms and the crossovers we found applicable to higher ed.

Related URL: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1UKx-VVJIzTs27mTbhalQ1QGSblDOOUOhizCvkBlcw5A

Name: Delayna Breckon

Institution: Central Washington University

Topic: Multi-Mobile Podcast


We’ve created a “bi-weekly” podcast that highlights faculty teaching with technology, new apps, tips and instructional design. Chad Schone & Delayna Breckon

Related URL: http://www.cwu.edu/multimodal-learning/multi-mobile-podcast

Name: Hae Okimoto

Institution: University of Hawaii

Topic: 5 week online courses


Data from our adult, part time, online learners, indicated they were not successful (measured by credits and grades earned). UH is now working to create a more structured, focused online environment for our adult learners, included very structured framework for a new 5 week course formats.

Related URL: http://laulima.hawaii.edu

Name: Hart Wilson

Institution: Southern Oregon University

Topic: Course Design Academy


We’ve been running a course redesign project for the last few years based on L. Dee Fink’s model for creating significant learning experiences. We’re also incorporating Transparent Assignment Design. This last year, we brought librarians and writings instructors into the mix.

Related URL: https://sites.google.com/sou.edu/integrated-course-design/integrated-course-design

Name: Nicole Eustice

Institution: University of Oregon

Topic: Deepening the Dialogue


We are investigating student engagement in online discussion to develop a model of dialogue training using a framework for critical thinking and questioning. The process involves analysis of group work dynamics online as well.

Related URL: 

Name: kevin dixey

Institution: Western Washington University

Topic: Canvas Accessibility Primer for Faculty


A self-paced Canvas course designed to introduce faculty to the principles of accessible course design (there is also a supporting in-person class)

Related URL: https://wwu.instructure.com/enroll/9WAKCN

Name: Peter Seaman

Institution: Portland Community College

Topic: Hub-and-spoke approach to LMS training


We’re interested in implementing a hub-and-spoke approach to training faculty to use the LMS. I’d like to collect any lessons learned from this approach.

Related URL: 

Name: Delayna Breckon

Institution: Central Washington University

Topic: Program Assessment using Canvas Outcomes


Institutional outcomes embedded into a rubric can be added to Gen Ed courses and used for program assessment using Canvas Outcomes.

Related URL: 

Name: Robin Ashford

Institution: George Fox University

Topic: Open Textbooks and Textbook Affordability at George Fox U.


About our open textbook initiative and textbook affordability program at George Fox. (If there’s time, if not, no problem 🙂 )

Related URL: https://blogs.georgefox.edu/library/category/textbook-affordability/

Name: Literally Deimena


Topic: Rap


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Related URL: https://youtu.be/q3Np6AvCO6g

Name: Lemuel

Institution: Rapper

Topic: Lilshoxy


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