3 Minutes of Fame Topic List 2018

Name: Cassidy Hall

Institution: University of Idaho Doceo Center

Topic: Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom


Sharing a Doceo Center research project that placed 90 Amazon Echo Dots in K-12 classrooms and the crossovers we found applicable to higher ed.

Related URL: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1UKx-VVJIzTs27mTbhalQ1QGSblDOOUOhizCvkBlcw5A

Name: Delayna Breckon

Institution: Central Washington University

Topic: Multi-Mobile Podcast


We’ve created a “bi-weekly” podcast that highlights faculty teaching with technology, new apps, tips and instructional design. Chad Schone & Delayna Breckon

Related URL: http://www.cwu.edu/multimodal-learning/multi-mobile-podcast

Name: Hae Okimoto

Institution: University of Hawaii

Topic: 5 week online courses


Data from our adult, part time, online learners, indicated they were not successful (measured by credits and grades earned). UH is now working to create a more structured, focused online environment for our adult learners, included very structured framework for a new 5 week course formats.

Related URL: http://laulima.hawaii.edu

Name: Hart Wilson

Institution: Southern Oregon University

Topic: Course Design Academy


We’ve been running a course redesign project for the last few years based on L. Dee Fink’s model for creating significant learning experiences. We’re also incorporating Transparent Assignment Design. This last year, we brought librarians and writings instructors into the mix.

Related URL: https://sites.google.com/sou.edu/integrated-course-design/integrated-course-design

Name: Nicole Eustice

Institution: University of Oregon

Topic: Deepening the Dialogue


We are investigating student engagement in online discussion to develop a model of dialogue training using a framework for critical thinking and questioning. The process involves analysis of group work dynamics online as well.

Related URL: 

Name: kevin dixey

Institution: Western Washington University

Topic: Canvas Accessibility Primer for Faculty


A self-paced Canvas course designed to introduce faculty to the principles of accessible course design (there is also a supporting in-person class)

Related URL: https://wwu.instructure.com/enroll/9WAKCN

Name: Peter Seaman

Institution: Portland Community College

Topic: Hub-and-spoke approach to LMS training


We’re interested in implementing a hub-and-spoke approach to training faculty to use the LMS. I’d like to collect any lessons learned from this approach.

Related URL: 

Name: Delayna Breckon

Institution: Central Washington University

Topic: Program Assessment using Canvas Outcomes


Institutional outcomes embedded into a rubric can be added to Gen Ed courses and used for program assessment using Canvas Outcomes.

Related URL: 

Name: Robin Ashford

Institution: George Fox University

Topic: Open Textbooks and Textbook Affordability at George Fox U.


About our open textbook initiative and textbook affordability program at George Fox. (If there’s time, if not, no problem 🙂 )

Related URL: https://blogs.georgefox.edu/library/category/textbook-affordability/

Name: Jon Knipp

Institution: Seattle Pacific University

Topic: Local Administrator using “Make Me Admin”


How do you secure computers by removing local administration without also removing the ability to install software, when desired?

Related URL: https://makemeadmin.com/

Name: Chad Schone

Institution: Central Washington University

Topic: Piloting Virtual Reality experiences for first year French language majors


The languages department on our campus have experienced decline in enrollment over the years. My Center partnered with the chair of Languages to pilot the integration of Virtual Reality to add a immersive experience for his first-year French class as a way of providing more impactful cultural understanding of their curriculum.

Related URL: http://cwu.edu/mec

Name: Hae Okimoto

Institution: University of Hawaii System

Topic: UH BookSprint


The University of Hawaii has committed to providing a Z (zero textbook costs) track through their general education requirements. At the community colleges the goal is a Z track through the AA in Liberal Arts. Like Ohio State, we looked at our data about the top 25 enrolled general education courses throughout the system. Then brought together the coalition of willing to create a book.

Related URL: https://oer.hawaii.edu/

Name: Jerrod Thomas

Institution: Portland State University

Topic: Taming complexity with UX testing and iteration: self service lecture capture


At PSU we needed to move away from produced lecture captures because of budget issues. How did we build a radical new system that’s still evolving.

Related URL: 

Name: Bridget Irish

Institution: The Evergreen State College

Topic: Online courses for learning about Accessibility and Inclusive Design for Learning


Overview, from my perspective as a student, of CWU’s Accessibility Studies online certificate program, and the online course, Basics of Inclusive Design for Online Education (by University of Colorado Boulder, via Coursera).

Related URL: http://www.cwu.edu/accessibility-studies/programs-0

Name: Clayton Austin

Institution: Southern Oregon University

Topic: Faculty Engagement Model


We identify four levels of faculty engagement with our Center that are aligned with the University’s plan and faculty P&T guidelines.

Related URL: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1v2ZYJcRRMMKjQgBtfpoaZ8wr1kLALqsSKVu9kdcbyGs/edit?usp=sharing

Name: Liv Gjestvang

Institution: Ohio State

Topic: 3 Simple Models for Professional Development


Finding ways (and the time!) to develop ourselves and our teams can be challenging. These three models can help provide easy ways to share info, build connections and grow individuals and teams.

Related URL: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aQOsMkkY_BDN5FIKGlDsH39EU3kbllssalPb-L4HQOQ/edit?usp=sharing

Name: Lyn Riverstone

Institution: Oregon State University

Topic: Gradescope–it’s a game-changer!


Oregon State University has a site license for Gradescope, a grading app that makes assessments more efficient, consistent and fair. Faculty and graduate teaching assistants LOVE this tool!

Related URL: https://www.gradescope.com/

Name: Matt Lewis & Christopher Coons

Institution: EWU & WSU

Topic: The role of games in creating memorable experience


There’s no way to describe it.

Related URL: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1AqdWw2sGEHasiNg9xQesCiE42KpMShQcwvgnHWE_J8A/edit?usp=sharing

Name: Dorothy Hirata

Institution: University of Hawaiʻi

Topic: Preparing to Teach Online at UH Module


Introductory, self-paced module design to assist faculty and staff in reviewing a wide range of topics related to online learning presented in an interactive and engaging online environment.

Related URL: https://www.uhonline.hawaii.edu/id/professional-development/2020/PreparingToTeachOnline.php

Name: Margot Casson

Institution: University of Puget Sound

Topic: Course design concepts & resources workshop (flipped using Canvas)


The University of Puget Sound Educational Technologists are hosting a seven week faculty workshop to explore strategies, techniques, and resources for teaching fully online or hybrid classes.
The learning environment will be “flipped,” using Canvas for posting videos, sharing resources, and using discussion boards for faculty to ask questions and collaborate.
All faculty will be added to our Canvas course and will be invited to participate in a weekly virtual discussion. We will also have virtual office hours. In addition to covering best practices in remote course delivery we will include training modules in Google apps, video production, conferencing, and assessment.

Related URL: 

Name: Hart Wilson

Institution: Southern Oregon University

Topic: eT/LT – Enhancing Teaching & Learning with Technology


Two four-week sessions on key connections for blended learning with weekly modules in Moodle and optional one-hour weekly Zoom session based on community of inquiry model (key connections – student to student, student to content, student to instructor).

Related URL: https://inside.sou.edu/catl/professional-development.html