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How to organize your gradebook in Blackboard 9.1

These slides are from a workshop that I have facilitated numerous times. The workshop is popular because Blackboard’s Grade Center options can be overwhelming for faculty as they attempt to set up a gradebook for the first time. The options can be confusing, especially when dealing with questions about the use of categories, weighting, and extra credit. […]

How to submit a WordPress blog post in Canvas

How to submit a WordPress blog post in Canvas

In my Computer Authoring course, I ask students to share Clear and Unclear blog posts each week, reflecting on what they learn and do not understand in the module. I use Canvas’ group feature to have them share the URL for their blog post with blog buddies.  I ask them to give their blog buddies feedback on each new […]

Can using a tool like Google+ lead to the death of the LMS?

This summer I have enjoyed using Google+ in place of Blackboard‘s Discussion tool in two courses that I am teaching.  Students were able to interact with each other, chat with participants in another course, and even learn with real-world education experts like +Holly Rae Bemis-Schurtz and +Larry Ferlazzo. An LMS (e.g. Blackboard) “protects” students by letting them only […]

pie graph of faculty satisfaction with Blackboard

2012 Faculty Evaluation of Blackboard

Satisfied with the Basics: 2012 Faculty Evaluation of Blackboard Seattle Pacific University  Janiess Sallee Assistant Director Instructional Technology Services  David Wicks Assistant Professor, Director Instructional Technology Services  Seattle Pacific University has used Blackboard as its Learning Management System (LMS) since 1999.    Technology has since rapidly developed and transformed the way in which we learn […]