Greetings, NWACC colleagues!

While everyone in instructional technology has been working diligently these past months moving courses online and providing critical support to our institutions, it is important we take time to nurture ourselves professionally and make opportunities to engage with our fellow colleagues.  To help bolster the community and strengthen the contributions we make to our institutions, NWACC will be offering Summer Sessions.  These are weekly web conferencing sessions on various topics that are timely and meaningful to the work ahead of us. ​ ​​This is an exciting opportunity to reconnect and provide mutually beneficial knowledge sharing and we look forward to your participation!​​​​​​​

We are planning on holding online sessions every Wednesday from 3pm-4pm (PDT) for the months of June and July. Register below to receive the session link.

Like much of our NWACC IT Roundtable programming, we rely on the feedback of our members and invite you to share some potential topics for our NWACCOnline Summer Sessions.

Summer 2020 Registration
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