2017 Final Eval Results

Was the roundtable format successful? Please expand on your answer Was the roundtable content (topics) successful? Please expand on your answer Was the keynote session successful? What one thing did you learn at the roundtable that you can use in your work? How interested would you be in coming to a future IT roundtable? What improvements do you suggest for a future IT roundtable? What breakout session topics or conference theme would you like to see at next year's roundtable? Whom would you suggest as a keynote speaker for next year's roundtable? Where should next year's Fall Roundtable be hosted? Would you be interested in attending a summer NWACC workshop?
Yes Yes Yes 5 Bozeman, MT. Why not? Yes

As mentioned several times during the conference, this format is very effective.


It is great to crowd-source and discuss issues with peers.

No It was kind of interesting, but I wasn't sure anything concrete or actionable came from the presentation. 5

More time for discussing and showcasing Cool Tools.

Bring back a session focused on faculty development.

Portland is a good spot. Maybe Olympia for those farther north. Yes

Great to hear from others and to generate ideas as a group

Yes Yes several new classroom tools 5

A 5-10 min setup of the topic with some visuals, etc. before working as a group at tables

Would be good to see what has happened with accessibility in a year.

Portland works great Yes

Yes. It was interesting to be in the all people plenary and be in rows. It made me realize how much I really appreciate the round tables and how much they contribute to productive and agile dialogue while building strong relationships.

Yes Yes Accessibility ideas from other institutions 5
Yes Yes Yes 5


Women in tech panel

The discussions we had were extremely fruitful and fascinating. I loved the balance of presentation vs discussion.


The variety of topics offered was helpful, and no session felt redundant.

Yes Oh god so many, where to start. Blackboard analytics? 5

Maybe a few more sessions

Universal design, interactive design, open textbooks

David Ernst Yes

Lots of great suggestions and collaborations - some good active things to work when we return, on based on discussion.


Mostly! The Active Learning Space breakout session felt more like an ad for the Doctor Center - which is very cool, but not very informative. Would have liked more discussion.

Yes Spoke to a group that said they have final approval over online courses- hoping to emulate that model 5

I'd love to see more hands-on options. Each year people mention the cool hardware they're workin gon. I wish we could do a live demonstration where people bring in this equipment and we can use it right then in there. I'm sure some stuff can't make the trip or can't leave campus, but I feel like there must be some that can be brought down and tried out.


It was helpful for those times when the topic did not directly apply to my situation. We were able to ask additional questions and modify discussion topics to better fit our experience.


I felt the breadth of topics was good. Even those that didn't necessarily apply to us were informative in hearing more about how decisions were made and information was distributed within IT organizations.

Yes If you're going to use analytics, as the provider of the data you should be aware of how that data is collected and its potential pitfalls. 5

Nothing immediately comes to mind.

Does your campus understand what "Instructional Technologists" do? How do you integrate yourselves into your community?

I'd like to go to Hawaii 😀 Yes

Love this conference. Love this group. Keep up the great work! Only suggestion might be to do/mix up some roundtable discussion with a little bit of presentation of key projects just to keep things fresh and the roundtable format not too formulaic, etc.

Yes Yes EdPuzzle! 5

This hotel is a ew-ie. Food was awful, break areas near conference rooms was inadequate, rooms weren't very nice.

Maybe talking about personal professional development and what we all do to make that happen?

Amy Collier COURTYARD AGAIN!!! Yes
Yes Yes Yes 5

UX - User Experience for Instructional Tech

Women in IT panel discussion (include Hae) PDX Yes
Yes Yes Yes learned about tech others are using that I've already ordered while at the conference 5

Venue closer to downtown so that people can get out instead of being at the venue all day

active learning strategies - low and high tech

would be nice to have it somewhere other than Portland - rotate locations - could we take turns hosting on campuses so that we can tour each other's learning spaces? Yes

I come away with a wealth of new, applicable resources and connections that will directly affect the quality of instructional technology at my institution.

Yes Yes 5 George Siemens Portland Yes

We enjoyed a flexible structure that allowed us to guide our conversations


Very relevant topics

Ally accessibility system 5

Increased funding to pay the keynote speakers

Open textbooks

David Ernst http://open.umn.edu/about/default.asp Puget Sound Yes
Yes Yes Yes Others are doing projects I have interest in and I hope to start a collaboration across institutions 5

Classroom and course tools. Not only what is used, but also how they are used.


It works..but I felt things we so to start and the feeling of independence was limited due to the large amount of attendees at the combined event.


More on learning spaces would be my desire..

Yes Laws related to accessibility are occurring and we need to get our collective acts together...NOW 4

Campus visit to the nearest schools were we hold the roundtable..does not to have to be in Portland.

David Ernest Walla Walla, Washington or Bozeman, Montana Yes
Yes Yes Yes 5

By day 3, the energy and conversation waned a bit. It may be nice to include additional structured activities rather than just conversation as people begin to fatigue.

Portland is a great location, being closer to downtown would be nice Yes
Yes Yes 4 Hawaii! Yes

Sorry I accidentally submitted an incomplete evaluation. I’ll answer things again in this one. But not the text boxes.

Yes Yes 5

I actually like the joint session. It was great to interact with CIOs security and leadership. Helpful for conversations and new learning. I do miss the going out to dinner in Portland though.

It would be interesting to explore a new iteration of collaborative work.

Can’t think of anyone specifically right now. Portland is a good central location. Or the Oregon Coast! Yes
Yes Yes No Lots of great tools and devices: Rewordify! 5 Yes

Interaction with such a diverse group of colleagues is always the highlight of the roundtable. The practical, problem solving attitude this group brings to discussion is one of our strengths.


I like the limited number of topics at the breakout sessions. There was a lot of spillover from one topic to another, which allowed discussions to develop over sessions and dive deeper. The topics were distinct, yet related enough to allow this to happen.

This year the tools session was most useful to me. It will help me to build a richer experience into a travel course I am designing. 5 a panel of women in IT. user design? Dr. Ana Donaldson was the AECT (Association for Educational Communications and Technology) President for 2011-2012. She retired in 2009 as an Associate Professor of Instructional Technology from the University of Northern Iowa. Besides her years of classroom and online experience in creating web-supported learning environments, she is a published author, keynote speaker and international presenter. Donaldson is currently a contributing faculty member for Walden University in their online Ph.D. Educational Technology program. Portland Yes

The roundtable allowed for an exchange of ideas that was very free-flowing. However, I do think it would be helpful for just a bit of presentations to maybe introduce the topic. For example, perhaps at the beginning of each breakout session, have a short presentation, perhaps on new related tech or tools.


Yes, I found the breakout session topics to be especially helpful and relevant.

Yes A whole list of new tech and tools to look into 5

Just more about tech stuff really. I think more hand-on stuff would be helpful

Hawaii! Or Portland again, but downtown Portland. Yes

I enjoy that it is informal and it can go off topic and within those tangents new areas are discovered and shared.

Yes Yes Maker space approach to student research 5

Allow for more group created roundtable topic suggestions


great facilitation; very good, open conversations with participants. Lots of ideas, concerns, solutions, and questions for all

Yes Yes I was really impressed by Joe Garcia's keynote, and what the near future looks like in terms of challenges and enrollments in higher education 5

I'd like to see us pursue leadership. I think there are ways to go about this that are not dependent on positional/hierarchical status. Let's keep pushing for diversity/inclusion in all areas.

Let's continue discussions of analytics, and what implications are of collecting and reporting on data. I'd also like to see more on student success - how can we be leaders/champions in our own organizations? And what would be effective strategies?

Could we bring in leaders from other industries - we discussed Nike, perhaps Jive? Intel? Portland. Downtown Yes

I learn so much from the conversations!


Some of the topics seemed a bit limited and/or stale. Not sure why there was such emphasis this year on accessibility - it's not a new topic. I do wonder how the committee picks the topics. Could we benefit from a wider range of voices to select the topics?

Yes I know which people to ask when I have questions. 5

I hope we can return to a smaller venue that feels more intimate. Also I would like for us to linger longer on certain topics. If the conversation is getting really rich and interesting, maybe keep us on it longer rather than moving us on to the next question to meet some artificial requirement.

I would love a really detailed, feature-by-feature walk-through of several LMSs, so folks who enjoy that sort of thing.

William Horton Downtown Portland! (not Lloyd Center) Yes

The different points of view help each of us think outside the box of our own campus and/or get us a quick start on knowing where to start... whatever the issue/problem/challenge is.


The starting topics represent key issues most or all of us face.,. and the roundtable format allows the discussion to hit on the most salient and related points, even if sometimes off topic.

Yes The need for shared principles around the transparent collection and use of SIS, academic record, and LMS data. 5

Learning analytics will continue to be a growing contributor to student success at our institutions, large and small, public and private.

Pat Burns, VP for IT at Colorado State; Stacy Morrone, AVP for Learning Technologies at Indiana University Yes

Face to face meeting is an effective method of communication. It worked well when the questions were simplified or streamlined.


I'd say Yes and No. Some topics such as the Next Gen one was a bit to broad in scope for discussion and the questions asked were multipart which was tough to cover.

No The collaboration workshop offered interesting insight and perspective. Will help when coordinating activities and how to alleviate facilitator burnout. 4

Keep the topics streamlined, don't make them too ethereal, give them a clear focus (immediately tangible). While high level discussion concerning far future issues is interesting, it doesn't really offer much in terms of discussing solutions or goals.

More on analytics and analytical tools, but something tangible from an ILT/faculty perspective not a high level Enterprise Technology level.

John King Jr. Marriott - Courtyard Portland City Center Yes

Both years I have come to NWACC I have learned so much from everyone, especially in this format. I find that I am much more engaged in the conversation.


Topics were great, touched on many things we are wrestling with at our institution.

Yes UDoIT 5

not sure, this is awesome

accessibility/UDL is something I am very interested in learning more about. Always a good topic.

Faculty development is another topic that is of interest.

Design thinking

? Portland is great! Yes
Yes Yes classroom tools 5

if there is a classroom tools session, hold it before 3 minutes of fame since some tools might deserve a second look

Next Generation Learning Environments
Diversity & Inclusion
Faculty Development
Professional Development
Classroom Tools

Portland Yes

Love the networking that takes place at the tables.


Good mix, always something that I was interested in.

Yes Found interesting resources for social media policies in the classroom 5

Look for new ways to network. Promote a tool for backchanneling during the roundtable that can be used for collaboration during the year. Something beyond Google Docs/Twitter. Maybe Slack?

Blended learning

Liz Kolb Not at the Double Tree Yes

I so appreciate the opportunity to meet and talk with fellow Instructional Tech/Ed Tech and related professionals in large and small group sessions, not only from a networking perspective but support, skill and strategy sharing!


I enjoyed all of the topics - and it was hard to have to choose between the various breakout sessions being offered! The Speed Networking is one of my favorites! Such a fantastic ice-breaker/welcome back/getting reacquainted activity! And the awesome discussions that come out of it are invaluable!

Yes Only one thing?! There's a plethora of tools I've been introduced to, and strategies for outreach to and working with faculty! 5

I really appreciate that one of the plenaries focused on accessibility and UDL - it would be great to feature accessible IT/inclusive design as an overall conference theme.

Sheryl Burgstahler, founder and director of DO-IT (U of W) The other hotel, please. ; ) Yes

Great conversations, very personal and I feel more connected than a traditional conference.


I'm more heavily IT slanted but the round tables seemed to be more instructional to me. In a way that's a good thing, as it forces me out of my comfort zone. I always walk away with a better feeling about instruction.

Yes Better understanding of active learning spaces 5

A directory of the participants - methods for us to stay connected after the conference. I SHOULD participate more in NWAAC but like many of the participants - I have so much on my plate I just dont have the time. You guys are GREAT!!! Thank you for this.

Smart classroom automation
More active learning spaces
Teleconferencing technologies
New technologies - VR, Amazon Echo, Video walls, AV controls.

No preference Portland (Hawaii?) Yes
Yes Yes Yes 5

I liked the extended timeframe to allow for meeting this year. I’m aware that it was partly for meeting with CIOs, but the extended timeframe could allow for some of the other ideas for the round table. Examples include: the show and tell amount others.

Yes Yes Yes 5 Yes

Liked the table-team discussions, turning to full-group discussions from a couple of the breakouts. As always, the unexpected turns were some of the most compelling parts of the roundtable.


Excellent topics. Would like more time for the Learning Tools brainstorming; maybe have it as an independent full-group activity, but let it overlap the breaks on each side to allow it to be less formal?

Yes 5

Bring back the Thursday evening dining groups.

Having the speed networking on Wednesday afternoon was actually a positive addition, but I also liked that they were still relatively informal for us as participants and low-pressure for the organizers.

A lot of work is about being flexible and turning on a dime as the our institutions face new challenges, austerity measures, government mandates, administrative turnover, and so on. Something about staying light on our feet would make an interesting topic; not sure what the specific topic focus would need to be.

Leslie Madsen-Brooks Portland Yes

As we discussed in several sessions, it is a uniquely functional formula that by its nature encourages sharing and discussion.

Yes Yes sttealing from the wonderful list of toys and ideas to bring new ideas to campus. 5

The addition of the "tech toy box" as discussed at our last session. Perhaps before or after the regular session for those interested?

See above.
Making the NWACC Seal mean something and come into use. Wha would that look like?

NO idea. Love PDX, Santa Fe is nice. Yes
Was the roundtable format successful? Please expand on your answer Was the roundtable content (topics) successful? Please expand on your answer Was the keynote session successful? What one thing did you learn at the roundtable that you can use in your work? How interested would you be in coming to a future IT roundtable? What improvements do you suggest for a future IT roundtable? What breakout session topics or conference theme would you like to see at next year's roundtable? Whom would you suggest as a keynote speaker for next year's roundtable? Where should next year's Fall Roundtable be hosted? Would you be interested in attending a summer NWACC workshop?