3 Minutes of Fame 2014

Name: Peter Seaman

Institution: PCC

Topic: Virtual Learning Community (for those who prepare faculty to teach online)


What do NWACCers want? Those of us who prepare faculty to teach online want … a learning community!

Our learning community (a) is completely virtual (so far); (b) has met once and has monthly meetings planned thru March 2015; (c) has members from 16 colleges and universities in the Northwest! (many in this room). Limited to institutions who are offering online courses.

The group is satisfying what is an obvious hunger to collaborate with others in our field and to learn from one another.

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Name: Joe Janiga- with Link

Institution: Reed College

Topic: Configuring iPads for short term check out using Apple Configurator-2


At Reed we needed to be able to securely check out (and in) iPads all the while maintaining an enjoyable user experience. As iPads are really designed for one device = one user we use Apple Configurator to supervise and wipe the iPads after each 3 day check out.
This presentation will be a quick tour of how to set up AC for this use.

Related URL: http://blogs.reed.edu/ed-tech/?p=2585&preview=true

Name: Gloria Doherty

Institution: George Fox University

Topic: OAtS AR Science Fair


Tony Irlbeck, member of the OAtS Steering Committee and the Technology Coordinator and 8th Grade Science teacher at St. Clare School in Portland, will present an idea for collaboration between K12 and HE, that gives HE STEM faculty an opportunity to develop relationships with prospective students. Tony will share information on the first annual OAtS Augmented RealityScience Fair in the State of Oregon. The OAtS steering committee invites members of NWACC to consider how STEM faculty could partner with science teachers to become mentors to students throughout the development of their science projects. The committee also invites STEM faculty to serve as judges at the AR Science Fair to be held at OHSU on April 25, 2015.

Related URL: https://oats.ohsu.edu/?page_id=592

Name: Delayna Breckon

Institution: Central Washington University

Topic: Faculty Institute for Online Teaching


This summer CWU held a two-day intensive workshop for faculty wanting to learn how to teach online. The Institute is the initial step in a new certification we are offering faculty, the Master Online Teacher Certification. In 3-minutes I will share the format and vision of the Institute forOnline Learning.

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Name: Julio Appling

Institution: Lewis & Clark College

Topic: Open List of Twitter Resources, Organized by College Major


Over the last year, I’ve cultivated an open-access list of discipline-specific resources that would help answer the following questions for most common college majors:

– What do people who major in this field do?
– How do issues today relate to this field?
– Where can I get more general information about this field?
– Who are prominent individuals and outlets in this field worth following?

This is a work-in-progress, and I’m interested in getting feedback on how to develop the project further.

Related URL: http://bit.ly/TwitterMajor

Name: Cora Yockers

Institution: Southern Oregon University

Topic: Visualizing Data with Google Maps


Related URL: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/

Name: Ryan Ingersoll

Institution: Seattle Pacific University

Topic: Untethered Teaching (iPad Community of Practices)


I will share about our recent initiative (currently in progress) to support faculty to teach untethered (not from behind the podium). We equipped a handful of classrooms with Apple TVs and provide an enterprise license of Splashtop for use in all classrooms. We started three community of practices with 20+ faculty who meeting regularly to discuss using iPads in the classroom. This is a work in progress, so my 3 minutes of fame will talk about it based on where we are at.

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Name: Marta Yellin

Institution: Montana State University

Topic: I Want to Ruin Your Life With Technology and Social Media


How and why I torture my students into actually enjoying business law.

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Name: Robin Ashford

Institution: George Fox University

Topic: Professional Identity Management : Beyond the LMS


Beyond the LMS -How an online course that assists students with professional identity formation and the ethical use of social media can expand beyond the LMS for lifelong learning opportunities.

Related URL: http://www.educause.edu/events/educause-connect-portland/2014/developing-professional-online-identity-course-growing-student-need

Name: Hart Wilson

Institution: Southern Oregon University

Topic: Planning & Communicating with Infographics


The SOU Center for Instructional Support has incorporated infographics into our web site (http://www.sou.edu/cis) to help us communicate what we’re doing. We’ve also found that they are useful tools for planning as we negotiate meaning from the images we create together.

Related URL: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bMLetnrwkfG94Gth_FyTJn5-qKikQ5EP08rIB0vCA3I/edit?usp=sharing