3 Minutes of Fame of Topics List 2016

3 Minutes of Fame of Topics List 2016

Name: Jane Snare

Institution: Seattle University

Topic: Gadget Finder


The Gadget Finder is Seattle University’s curated list of instructional technologies, built on a Weebly blog, and available for anyone to use.

Related URL: https://seattleu.edu/cdli/toolkit

Name: Justin Marquis & Lynn Harrison

Institution: Gonzaga University

Topic: Interactive Online Case Studies for Nursing Education


Working in conjunction with Nursing faculty SMEs the Gonzaga University Instructional Design and Delivery office has developed a template for creating rich interactive online case studies designed to teach students how to diagnose and treat various health issues.

Related URL: 

Name: Michael Wilder

Institution: Western Washington University

Topic: Multiuser Blogging as a an Educational Innovation


A combination of the open-source blogging software, WordPress, with the free BuddyPress plugin, creates an environment in which students can create academic publications with a full-range of contemporary word-processing features (including the addition of images, video, and podcasts), share resources, work collaboratively, and comment and evaluate each other’s work. At the same time, this system allows students to have direct control of their learning environment (through customized themes), to participate in Facebook-like social interactions (“friending,” “liking,” commenting, user profiles), to integrate social media (such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr), and to collaborate (via document sharing, group support, and wikis). In addition this educational practice allows mobile access (via smartphones and tablets) as well as badges and gamification.

Related URL: http://olc.onlinelearningconsortium.org/effective_practices/multiuser-blogging-educational-innovation

Name: Annie Zeidman-Karpinski

Institution: University of Oregon

Topic: Stop using Likert scales


I’ll present a performance-based assessment model that produces actionable data as an alternative to Likert scale questions. [longer article forthcoming in the journal linked below]

Related URL: http://blogs.uoregon.edu/annie/2016/11/03/stop-using-likert-scales/

Name: David Schlater

Institution: University of Idaho

Topic: Education Building Redesign


Three plus years ago our campus embarked on a complete gut and redesign of the 1967 vintage College of Education building. Meeting with the architects for envisions and imagining sessions is finally over. Our unit is back in our much-improved space. Students are benefitting the most.

Related URL: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/12T8Y9CkXHu5P_NB6sLDe__LW4H_7vsOaaYtwtncZ8No/edit?usp=sharing

Name: Matt Lewis

Institution: EWU

Topic: Threadz update


Update on latest version of Threadz discussion visualization software.

Related URL: https://threadz.ewu.edu

Name: Bridget Irish

Institution: The Evergreen State College

Topic: UDOIT Accessibility Checker for Canvas


A brief overview of what UDOIT can do and how it can be of help to faculty.

Related URL: https://canvas.evergreen.edu/courses/144

Name: Farjahan R Shawon

Institution: University of Idaho

Topic: Doeceo Center of UI


A brief introduction to the work of the Doceo Center at the University of Idaho.

Related URL: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/10DnFkPLZ8REwsgANE7I8yz_CgBLlFC_6fz7_AXe37OQ/edit#slide=id.gd9c453428_0_16

Name: Lynn Greenough and Jane Wilde

Institution: Oregon State and Linfield College

Topic: Virtual Learning Community 2016


3 of us from NWACC held a 6-session virtual learning community. We brought up various topics, and shared readings and ideas. Seeking facilitators for 2017!

Related URL: 

Name: Chester Ismay

Institution: Reed College

Topic: Plickers: A free alternative to clickers


I’ll briefly demo the use of Plickers, a paper based version of clicker technology.

Related URL: http://blogs.reed.edu/ed-tech/2016/03/plickers-an-excellent-alternative-to-clickers/

Name: Kaity Fain

Institution: University of Puget Sound

Topic: Interactive Lecture Using Pear Deck


Add interactive elements to presentations using Pear Deck (allowing Google Account access is encouraged for full participation)

Related URL: https://www.peardeck.com/

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