Roundtable 2018

2018 NWACC Instructional Technology Roundtable
Technology for Student Engagement

November 7-9, 2018
Portland Marriott City Center (New Venue!)
520 SW Broadway | Portland OR 97204

Wednesday, November 7

12:00 Pre-conference – at Reed College
The pre-conference session will explore strategies and technologies needed to realize the ideas generated at the 2017 roundtable around enhancing and the EdTech Deck.

5:30pm Check-in begins – Meet and Greet at the hotel – River Ballroom

6:00 Welcome

6:15 Dinner Social

All meals and plenary sessions will be held in the River Ballroom.

Thursday, November 8                                                                                                                                                              

8:00 Breakfast

8:30 Welcome & Getting on the Same Page

8:45 Speed Networking and CrowdSourcing – Amy & the worker bees

Meet your friends and colleagues at other institutions by discussing common issues around student engagement. After each round, NWACC participants will rotate to a different table (see instructions on table) for five rounds total to “crowdsource” and brainstorm answers, suggestions or tips!  Each round will last a total of 10 minutes (the first 2 minutes are to introduce yourselves), with a 2-minute transition time between rounds.

10:00   Break

10:15   Katie Linder –  Designing a Personalized Action Plan for Engaging Yourself & Others

Whether you are working with students, faculty, administrators or other higher education stakeholders, the concept of engagement is key. In this interactive keynote, Dr. Katie Linder will lead the group in exploring key questions around engagement including: What does it mean to be engaged? Why does engagement matter? What does engagement look like? What helps engagement to flourish? What causes engagement to diminish? And how does student engagement shift based on learning modality and learner demographics? Participants will leave the session with a personalized engagement action plan for engaging themselves and others that they can apply directly to their work.


11:30   Lunch

12:30   Breakout Sessions:

Breakout A: Tech Tools and Strategies for Course Engagement  – Lauren & Christopher in the Deschutes Room

Learn and share with colleagues your favorite and most effective technological methods used for facilitating engagement in teaching and learning.

Breakout B: Engaging Faculty – Communication Success Stories – Lynn & David in the Rogue Room

Share effective strategies for faculty development, or things you’ve heard about and would like to try.


1:15 Break

1:30 Plenary: Faculty Panel: Supporting Faculty for Student Engagement – Trina – intros and moderator

Devon Quick, Sr. Instructor, Integrative Biology, OSU

Lindsay Biga, Instructor, Integrative Biology, OSU

Sarah Williams, Faculty, The Evergreen State College


2:30 Break

3:00 Plenary Session: 2018 Innovation in Instructional Technology Award Presentation

3:30 Plenary Session: Three-Minute Presentations – hosted by Trina Marmarelli

This is your chance to share tidbits from your work with the whole group! Sign up to present an innovative practice on your campus, a great new tool, lessons learned from great challenges, or anything else you think the group should know about. The three-minute time limit will be strictly enforced.

4:15 End of Day Reflection

A structured time to reflect on the day’s conversation with a drink and a time for attendees to self-select and break into groups of 5-7 based on discussion topics and/or food preferences, such as: Thai, Steak, Ethiopian, Seafood, etc.  Using portable devices and services such as OpenTable, Yelp, and Zomato, make dinner plans per group. OpenTable users can make a reservation on the spot, or groups can call and make a reservation by phone. Bring your portable devices loaded with restaurant-finding applications.


Friday, November 9                                                                                                                                                              

8:00 Breakfast

8:45 Plenary: An Invitation to Collaborate in Improving Digital Accessibility

This session invites colleagues to identify resources we need in order to support digital accessibility for instruction and administration at our campuses. We would also like to invite colleagues to consider working with our NWACC – Orbis Cascade Alliance Work Group to organize an accessibility workshop that being funded by NWACC and the Orbis Cascade Alliance.


9:45 Break

10:00   Breakout Session:

Breakout A: Creating Active Learning Environments – David & Lauren in the Deschutes Room

Come share your recent successes in creating active learning spaces on your campus. Bring stories, images, challenges, and questions.

Breakout B: Emerging Technologies and Big Data to Measure Engagement – Matt & Christopher in the Rogue Room

Share how your institution is using data to improve instruction and learning. Learn about the technologies others are using that collect the data and the software and tools implemented to measure engagement.

11:00   Break

11:15   Plenary Session: Looking Ahead and Circling Back -Hae

The NWACC Instructional Technology Roundtable is a unique professional development opportunity with each participant able to contribute to the knowledge of the whole, while engaging in conversations for direct personal and professional development. This session will not only evaluate the process used by the Roundtable, but also discuss our community learning needs and how we can continue to engage throughout the year. Both large group and table discussions will evaluate viable options and topics for ongoing professional development including:

12:00   Adjourn