About the Directory Project

The Directory project is a cooperative venture within the 33 Institutions of NWACC in order to better facilitate the cross-campus collaborative efforts, sharing, and support. An extension of the original EdTech Deck project, this site allows our instructional technologists, our faculty and our IT professionals to connect to one another, to share resources, and to find subject matter expertise in areas of interest.

We are in the first phase of this project, with a plan to complete construction by the fall of 2021. Active design and implementation of this site have been worked on by:

  • Tasha Biesinger, Oregon State University
  • Amy Greene, The Evergreen State College
  • Jackie Hubbard, Eastern Washington University
  • Hae Okimoto, University of Hawaii
  • Fernanda Valencia, Gonzaga University
  • Michael Wilder, Western Washington University
  • Elizabeth Young, Lewis & Clark College
  • Miranda Carney-Morris, Lewis & Clark College
  • Mark Dinsmore, Oregon State University
  • Erica Andree, Pacific University