Citation Managers

Description Citation Managers are specialized programs used to collect, annotate, organize, share and create formatted bibliographies of articles and other reference materials – in effect a digital file cabinet for your research. Many managers...

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Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is digital storage space distributed across multiple physical servers and often geographic locations. It is used to store, backup, host, and share digital files between web-enabled devices and other people.

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Geo-blogging and Placed Based Learning

Geo-blogging lets you geolocate a piece of writing or media to an exact point on a map providing an additional dimension to any journaling or blogging assignment. A global map lets viewers navigate the collected geotagged blog content via markers on a map.

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Google Forms for Education

Google Forms is a free tool from Google that allows you to solicit information from a group.  Online forms can be used for event registration, user surveys, quizzes and test, worksheets, or evaluations.  Responses are captured into a google spreadsheet, and summarized with charts and graphs. With a Google Apps for Education account you can also collect respondents’ usernames and require that respondents be from your school domain.


Assessment Tips for Multimedia Assignments

Description Multimedia Assignments present a unique challenge in assessment, since a degree of the criteria is qualitative rather than quantitative. Purpose Multimodal learning, writing, and creation has been shown to increase engagement with students...


Presentation Tips for Students

All students have to deliver a presentation at some point in their college career, and often in the professional world beyond. These tips can help improve presentation effectiveness and reduce the stress of public speaking.


Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the practice of using another person’s words or ideas without providing proper credit and presenting them as one’s own work. Understanding and avoiding plagiarism will improve the quality of student’s writing and avoid academic dishonesty and fraud.


Polling Options/Audience Response

Description: There are multiple methods for receiving feedback on the fly through polling software and devices, allowing for real time analysis of student opinions, understanding, and engagement. Purpose: Polling provides both an opportunity for...


Spreadsheet Basics

Spreadsheets are useful for storing and evaluating data, using basic statistical functions, and creating charts and graphs to present data visually.