3 Minutes of Fame Topics 2022

Name: David Schlater

Institution: UIDAHO

Topic: 6 Things


What we did and what instructors learned from the pandemic….

Related URL: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1FK5OKonU-wcrAmo7PxxLZ3cfCcAyDpN34k0PRaUYpM4/edit?usp=sharing

Name: Hart Wilson

Institution: Southern Oregon University

Topic: Expanding Accessibility in Moodle


SOU has adopted a new accessibility tool for Moodle and is rolling it out this fall. We worked with a group of faculty over the summer to get insight into the use of the tool and how to communicate about it with faculty.

Related URL: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Cvdsw-KrOtz20cB049KRWjUrVOw_gU-erLJr9cEwKhw/preview

Name: John Robertson

Institution: Seattle Pacific University

Topic: Developing Open Textbooks amidst a pandemic


We launched an OpenTextbook Initiative during the pandemic and I’ll share our process and the two completed projects (Recentering Pysch Stats and New Testament Greek).

Related URL: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/19DOSPeaAnn33Kpd6uYui3VBhx2J1rSwvNyDtdsiMckE/edit?usp=sharing

Name: Lauren Nicandri

Institution: Western Washington University

Topic: Teaching & Learning Cooperative (TLCo-op)


Workshops, faculty mentors, and ADEI related to the cross departmental work of the TLCo-op.

Related URL: https://tlc.wwu.edu/tlco-op-faculty-mentors/

Name: Justina Brown

Institution: Western Washington University

Topic: Teaching & Learning Cooperative (TLCo-op)


Cross departmental collaboration for faculty development and resources. This site, designed for and by the WWU Community, includes strategies, tools, and practices for innovative teaching and learning: https://tlc.wwu.edu/

Related URL: https://tlc.wwu.edu/

Name: Britt Harmon

Institution: Gonzaga University

Topic: Padlet


used to introduce students at the beginning of a course, bios, and also to elicit brainstorming in an open board forum that has stamp/emoji/text options, video embed, image options, etc.

Related URL: https://www.techlearning.com/how-to/what-is-padlet-and-how-does-it-work-for-teachers-and-students

Name: Hae Okimoto

Institution: University of Hawaii

Topic: Open Education Resources at UH


Cost of textbooks does impact student success. How our OER (oer.hawaii.edu) projects impacted teaching and learning. And preview of new project on Anatomy and Physiology.

Related URL: https://oer.hawaii.edu/open-education-work-in-physiology-141-and-142-gets-uh-news-attention/

Name: Tasha Biesinger

Institution: Oregon State University

Topic: GenderMag


GenderMag is a process for improving the usability for user interfaces.

Related URL: http://gendermag.org

Name: Bridget Irish

Institution: The awesome Evergreen State College!

Topic: Surprise! It’s a Pandemic! Serendipitous Opportunities for Learning and Teaching in a Time of Whirlwind Pivots


How I accidentally found myself in the right place at the right time for professional (and personal) development during the height of the pandemic as a full-time curricular tech support specialist and adult learner.

Related URL: https://www.cwu.edu/accessibility-studies/

Name: David Wicks

Institution: Seattle Pacific University

Topic: Telepresence Robots in hybrid learning


Exploring social presence, embodiment, and engagement with telepresence robots.

Related URL: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dz2IpxuEb3WZn1xeM3cPwZWy9QJbLhmyV_cRq1v5ZYM/edit?usp=sharing