Beautiful things

It is currently 2:47 PM and it is getting dark. This is the misery that is solstice season in the Pacific NW, and the price we pay for our glorious summers. Watching this has special significance at this moment:

Best of all, you can hear how Moby has made wonderful music freely available for non-commercial movie projects. Here’s the link to access these lovely tracks:


Jo Meyertons professional experience is based in public administration and higher education. While earning a master's degree in 1992, Meyertons founded a small community based 502(c)(3) non-profit organization to combat hate crime. Since 1995, she has focused on working with faculty, staff and students in higher education on instructional design, multimedia and educational technology. In 2006, Meyertons earned a doctorate in educational technology. She has spearheaded dozens of new campus initiatives and programs that help promote the thoughtful, creative use of technology as a great enabler of learning, and has been a passionate advocate for efforts that make technology simple and accessible for all users. From time to time, Meyertons teaches educational technology courses as an adjunct. Meyertons loves spending time in the great Pacific Northwest outdoors.

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