Suggest a Card Topic

Have an idea for an Ed Tech Card? Go ahead and suggest one!

EdTech Deck Cards are intended to provide faculty a brief introduction and overview of a topic related to educational technology or pedagogy, and provide resources and references to additional information.

Concise name of the topic
Short, descriptive one or two sentence introductory summary of the topic.
Explain the educational value of this topic, when it is appropriate to use, and what learning outcomes might be expected.
Describe the steps to follow in order to implement this topic. This might include seeking out resources, reading additional information, or partnering with IT support. Use numbers for sequential steps.
This section provides additional information to help the faculty assess other aspects of the topic not described by the purpose and procedure. It might include potential snags or pitfalls, lessons learned, or indicate whether the topic requires additional resources, training, or assistance.
Each card should include at least two references to scholarly research or online resources related to the topic. Pedagogical topics might include both seminal and recent scholarly publications related to the topic. Technical topics might include links to related organizations, help references or how-to guides, and examples of the topic in practice. If the content for your card/topic required you to perform research and incorporates ideas from work that is not your own, please provide attribution to the original author by using proper MLA citation (including parenthetical citation as well as full source citation at the bottom of your content).
Indicate whether the topic is most appropriate for a beginner, intermediate or advanced audience. The level is meant to provide a general guide as to the difficulty of the topic. The difficulty of a topic will vary based on time to implement, required skills, knowledge, and complexity. These variables can be described in the considerations section.