Award in Instructional Technology Application Form

Deadline for applications and nominations is 10/07/2019. The winner will be announced soon after. For more information, see the Award Summary page.

Award in Instructional Technology Form 2019
Provide a high level overview of the project (250 words maximum)
Provide a brief title for your project

Project Contact (primary)

Contact (if nominator)

Institution's name and address (must be an NWACC affiliate member).

Project Description

Please provide a brief history of the project.
What are the technological innovations being used to promote teaching and learning? How is this unique from methods that have been tried before or already exist?
Describe how this project involved multiple partners on your campus or with other institutions.
How many students participated in this project? How have they been impacted?
What areas, degree programs, courses have been impacted by this project? Describe the impact the project had on them and how you assessed that impact.
How can this project be re-purposed to serve other departments, programs or institutions?
Describe the next stages for this work.
(if available)
Will you (or your nominee) be available to present your work and host a plenary session discussion at the NWACC Instructional Technology Roundtable in November (Portland, OR)?