Active Learning Classroom

Active Learning Classroom


An active learning classroom (ALC) is a campus instructional space that has been designed to promote student-centered learning.  Common elements of an ALC include flexible furniture, multiple whiteboards, and increased use of technology to facilitate group interaction.


The primary benefit of teaching in an ALC is the ease of incorporating constructivist instructional methods such as inquiry or small group discussions. Because the furniture can easily be moved into different configurations, professors are more likely to incorporate collaborative learning activities and less likely to rely on lecture alone. Studies have shown that ALCs can influence creative thinking (Jankowska, 2007), make class time more enjoyable for students and faculty (Wilson and Randall, 2012), and provide a more engaging learning environment (Brooks, 2012; Whiteside, Brooks & Walker, 2010).


Other names for ALCs include SCALE-UP, TEAL, and TILE. Consider visiting an existing ALC and talking with faculty and learning technologists who have active learning facilitation experience. An internet search on “active learning strategies” can provide a helpful list of possible activities to include.


Redesigning a course for an ALC can be time consuming if the primary instructional method of the previous course was lecture.




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Featured Image “Active Learning in Physics”by derekbruff is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0


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