Feedback: Day 1 – 1B

Feedback: Day 1 – 1B

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Great contributions; I really like the panel format

It was very helpful to hear what various institutions are doing with OERs and what their successes and challenges have been.

I was hoping that the affordable content went beyond just textbooks. I was looking to learn a little more about other types of content, options, and platforms that were shared.

Visit Clackamas CC experience with Barnes & Noble bookstore operations, librarians took a deep dive into the proposed contract language. It contained restrictions on using and sharing open educational resources (OER), learning management systems (LMS) linking, and more. BNED offers turnkey OER products on proprietary courseware that enable easy faculty adoption but cost students money. These librarians scrambled on a short timeline to conduct outreach and work with administration to make changes in support of academic freedom, students’ rights, and an open educational culture.

I really appreciated getting to learn about OER resources and successful implementation and use of OER books and materials.

Too much faculty bashing. It is obvious from comments that many people in the room really do not understand or respect the work faculty do.

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