Feedback: Day 1 – 1A

Feedback: Day 1 – 1A

Did this session provide useful information?
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Did this session match your expectation?
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Good conversation. Thank you!

Adding “Education” to a job description immediately ranks it under “IT” which is a stigma hard to overcome even if we do a lot of both.

Nothing against the session, but did not pertain to our situation. Format worked fine, no worries on the delivery front. 🙂

Very interesting time sharing our experiences in the changing landscape. Perhaps having some questions/points to focus the conversation would be helpful, but we might end up with a completely different conversation then. Both would be wonderful 🙂

It was a little wide ranging. It would have been nice to have more focused topics that we could have spent specific time on. Interesting- but would have been nice to have been in a more focused convo

I loved the format of organic conversation- when forced to interact in groups I feel that you loose some of the variety of opinion and it can be harder to foster open discussion if you are all stumped or a more shy group. Because we got the entire room involved, I think that we got some really great insights and everyone got to hear all of them.

The session partly met my expectations – it didn’t start out that way, but I think it ended that way, especially at our small table discussion. I would love to see us put together a list of what we consider to be quality professional development opportunities, or opportunities within our group to share expertise with each other to help us grow as a community.

I enjoyed and found useful the short panel presentations. It was a great way to have a lot of voices in the conversation and take advantage of shared expertise.

I liked having the panelists get the conversation started, but I think I’d have preferred small-table discussions rather than the whole-group discussion. Idea: small-group discussion followed by sharing out to the larger group

Really did not have any expectations. I liked the flexibility of how the session was structured.

I enjoyed the open conversation and the fact that we got to vote on whether we wanted to talk at tables, divide based on themes or have the whole group conversation. I appreciated that the conversation ranged from questions about system-wide issues, career-oathing issues, growth pathways and personal development concerns. Sometimes it’s hard to have open group conversations that aren’t totally disjointed and was really great. Well facilitated!

Helpful to hear others stories.

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