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ScreenChomp is a digital whiteboard app for the iPad from our friends at TechSmith (makers of Jing, Camtasia, SnagIt, etc)  Screen Chomp is similar to another app reviewed here, ShowMe. Some features of ScreenChomp:...

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard app

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard app

As part of the roll-out of the new iPad lab we are showing the use of many apps.  One of the fun apps that will be on the iPads is the ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard app.  This app allows someone to draw on a whiteboard but also records your voice and your actions on the whiteboard …

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ShowMe App for the iPad

The ShowMe app for the iPad allows you to record voice-over whiteboard style tutorials then share them online. This app is a nice alternative to an expensive physical interactive whiteboard. You can publish your...