Augmented Reality Interactive Storytelling

Augmented Reality Interactive Storytelling


Augmented Reality Interactive Storytelling, or ARIS for short, is an open source place-based storytelling and gaming platform that uses server technologies and mobile devices to engage learners in completing measurable objectives. Content authors use a web-based tool to create experiences using points of interest defined on a map, associating experiences, interactions and assessment with each location.




  • Supports critical thinking and higher order skills development using active learning techniques
  • Augments real world experiences and places with educational content in context
  • Increases student interest in learning and comprehension
  • Fosters positive relationships between students, teachers, and the community




Difficulty- Development & Implementation


  • Difficulty developing and implementing in ARIS depends on the complexity of the project. A campus tour can be simple to implement with the use of Google Maps: fill out a form and upload associated content (images, sound, video, etc.) For more complex interactions that may include embedded assessment, for example, the necessary logic may become difficult to track. Highly interactive and immersive experiences may require a systems-level designer to be successful.
  • Keep in mind this technology is still in beta, so expect some bumps along the way.

Setup time

  • Simple campus tours won’t take much time (in fact, the design will take more time than the execution). Complex interactions will take significantly more setup time.


  • Once the augmented reality experience is stable, maintenance is minimal, but will involve keeping devices updated with the latest ARIS software and updating the authoring environment occasionally.



  • Network availability/load ability: the reliability of the wireless connectivity/the capacity of the local access points
  • Time: the amount of time to create content and also to ensure adequate participation
  • Outdoor environment: inclement weather, ease of access to the desired location
  • Access to devices and resources by students



  • Advanced



ARIS Editor

This image is an overview of the map editor. Individual items on the map are points of interest that may include audio, video, text, and interactive elements.


ARIS Client – iOS7

Note: Images from “Mate If You Can”, by Michael Kasumovic, University of New South Wales, localized to Portland Community College Sylvania campus by Monica Marlo.


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